Greetings! I am Pete Trbovich, and welcome to my portfolio! Browse it using the menu on the right side.

I offer services in writing, graphic artwork, and some light coding and web design. I do all of my work using 100% free and open source software tools, however, this does not stop me from producing work in proprietary file formats.

I primarily take on new clients from the web through Rent-A-Coder - simply go to my profile in the link, post a private auction for me, and be sure that you mention in the description that you followed there from my website... that way I know to give you special consideration. Note that merely posting a job doesn't commit you to anything - we can discuss the particulars through the message board on the job and decide what to do from there.

The benefit of my using free and open source software to you is that I can produce professional quality work at a home-made price. After 20 years of being involved in all aspects of computing both professionally and at home, I have a wide field of expertise to draw from. And since I only run Linux, GNU, BSD, and other open source platforms, I'm better equipped to work with you on your website, since most of the Internet is run on Unix-based software.

You're welcome to browse the rest of my site as well... I'm always picking up something new.