Penguin Pete's little portfolio home.


Rogue Habits, a celebration of the creative lifestyle where I'm most recently contributing my boundless enthusiasm. Posts by Pete, they're there!

Lyric Interpretations, I am proud to be on the staff of the coolest music blog in the universe. Look for the posts by Pete, achieve rock-n-roll Nirvana.

Movie Meanings, I am equally proud to be on the staff of this hip movie blog, where I geek out about film just like I geek out about music. You'll find me under Pete.

Doomed to Obscurity, my old geek-culture webcomic that ran from 2009-2014.

Mind--Blown, my old blog of the arcane, intriguing, and curious.

Daily Funny, my old funny image memes Tumblr, now no longer "daily."

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