Penguin Pete's little portfolio home.

Client sites:

BeMyApp, Those of you who knew me through my technology ramblings will be thrilled to know that I'm back to being the techie-geek tribal bard for the new generation! Check the media page at BeMyApp for Penguin Pete posts - it's just like my old Linux blog, but modern.

366 Weird Movies, This is it, the pinnacle of geek movie fandom. I have joined the legendary 366 Weird Movies site to offer my gentle guidance in which movies deserve to be anointed in the quest for the 366 Weirdest Movies of All Time. Join me as I dive into the most depraved depths of cinematic history and get your mind blown like a Shop-Vac.

Little Guy Liberal, A radical left wing news site; it's the Tea Party for Democrats, or the Coffee Party if you will. My sponsors have given me a soapbox to pass along political news and observations, at a manic pace of eight posts per day every day! How long can I keep up before having a nervous breakdown? Let's find out together! (UPDATE: It was a few months, but it was glorious!)

Sex Talk About, A resource about safe sex, sexual health, and a judgment-free pansexual zone for alternative lifestyles of all kinds. Look for my name in the wildest places!

Lyric Interpretations, I am proud to be on the staff of the coolest music blog in the universe. Look for the posts by Pete, achieve rock-n-roll Nirvana.

Movie Meanings, I am equally proud to be on the staff of this hip movie blog, where I geek out about film just like I geek out about music. You'll find me under Pete.

Rogue Habits, A celebration of the creative lifestyle where I'm most recently contributing my boundless enthusiasm. Posts by Pete, they're there!

My own past projects:

Doomed to Obscurity, my old geek-culture webcomic that ran from 2009-2014.

Mind--Blown, my old blog of the arcane, intriguing, and curious.

Daily Funny, my old funny image memes Tumblr, now no longer "daily."

Find me on...

  • IMGUR - I post a mini image blog here currently.
  • Google+ - I post whatever I'm up to here.
  • Twitter - I post whatever I'm up to here, too.
  • UpWork - Rent my brain for short-term jobs and simple projects.
  • For more involved projects or for consultancy gigs, hit me up at my GMail.