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Windows users: get a rebate for upgrading to Xandros!

Date/Time Permalink: 07/29/06 08:43:41 am
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Microsoft has announced that they are discontinuing support for Windows 98, 98SE, and ME. So commercial Linux distro Xandros is offering a 50 percent mail-in rebate to users who "upgrade" to either the Xandros Desktop Home Edition or Home Edition Premium versions of its Linux distribution.

Since the prices for Home Edition and Premium run $39.99 and $79.99 respectively, that means you can get them for $20 and $40! Xandros is smart to take this opportunity, as Microsoft continues to edge it's user base further and further into the cold.

Well, how about it Windows users? There's an estimated 50 million of you out there still running these unsupported Windows versions. Xandros, like Red Hat and Mandriva, is a commercial distro with full user support, easy install, and is tailor-made for the ex-Windows user so you won't be stymied by having to type arcane runes into a terminal. Going once...

Going twice...

But if you must stick with Windows, you'll be needing a new machine. So, if you do go that route, could you at least do the world a favor? Find a Linux user somewhere and give your old box to them. They'll be able to rehabilitate it and give it to a school or charity or keep it themselves for their kids, and you'll keep that old computer out of the landfills. Lacking that, look for a FreeGeek outlet to donate your old box to. They do the same general thing, but as a professional charity organization.

UPDATE 6/4/07: This post was written before Xandros joined Novell Suse in selling out to Microsoft. So, I hereby withdraw all support for them.

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