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Will Penguin Pete's ever be back to pre-Tux500 normal status?

Date/Time Permalink: 05/29/07 01:07:23 pm
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Dear pre-Tux500 readers: I'm sure I've shocked many of those who were following this blog before the Tux500 bomb dropped.

For everybody who is wondering why I am pursuing this with bulldog determination, or why I will always have these trolls dog-piling me for all eternity...

Have you ever read this book? That is exactly, precisely what is going on here.

"No, I will not sell Tux500 again today, thank you." That's all I had to say, very quietly, last month, and then the beatings began. The difference is, these few dozen fools do not realize that I outnumber them, since one of me can take the whole pack of them. I like bullies. They are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

And yes, this site will, eventually have normal posts again. In fact, I have a lot of other subjects stacking up. I am still working my jobs in the background.

But no matter how "normal" things appear on the surface here, do not think that that means closure. Closure will happen one way and one way only: when the bullies either surrender, or crush themselves attacking me. I still await response from minister Parris.

For Linux! For the weak who could not stand up to the Tux500 mafia! For freedom! Come on, you puny Tux500 gansters, is this the worst you can do?

update: Tux500 participants should consider this story. For scamming $850,000 in China, that's a death sentence. For attempting to scam $600,000 internationally (this includes 37 countries), you got a little heckling from a few bloggers.

Damn, that's what I call getting off easy!

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