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Why Does the Gimp Development Team Hate Gimp?

Date/Time Permalink: 04/10/13 09:02:26 am
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Try this: Do a Google search for these three words, in separate quotes just like I have here:

"gimp" "developers" "morons"

376,000 results, says Google. Anybody would wonder at the way the word "morons" is being bandied about with such gay abandon in Gimp's general proximity and wonder if the project had gone awry. Anybody with sense, that is.

Gimp was perfect at 1.0. Since then, every release of Gimp has seen things get more and more broken. Quite deliberately. But now, if you've fired up Gimp 2.8 lately, you have the most audacious insult to users yet: You cannot save the image you're working on.

No, I'm not kidding. Try editing something and hitting "Ctrl-S." Now it comes up with a dialog insisting that you save an ".xcf" and ONLY an .xcf. You have to export the file to its own original format. You know, just in case you're going to do anything off-the-rails crazy like actually USE THE IMAGE in some other context besides editing it in Gimp. Check out the convoluted Mexican Hat Dance that now constitutes the process of merely saving an image file.

Many have complained about this. Just for a few cases, Bring back normal save, and Bring back normal handling of other file formats, and HATE the new save vs. export behavior, and this complaint on Twitter, and this complaint on Google+ and this long-time user. ... I could go on all day. Pick an insult, any insult, and search for it in conjunction with "Gimp." It's somebody complaining about the save behavior.

How are the handlers... handling it? The response from the Gimp development team has been "go to Hell!" full stop. No, seriously:

From this link:

"Do you think you could ever get used to the idea that there's more
than one way to teach people safety?"

Well, Alexandre Prokoudine, you arrogant asshole, it's not your place to teach anybody anything. We had an image editor before you came to the project, and we want an image editor, and we're going to get an image editor whether you like it or not.

Or this priceless response:

"This might be the most stupid garbage that has ever been written on this
list, but anyway...

I tried to make it clear once before but for the hard of hearing: the
save/export stuff is going to stay, it will not become optional, and it
will not go away.

If this doesn't please you, nobody forces you to use GIMP."

Uh, yes, Michael Natterer, you arrogant asshole, we are, indeed, being forced to use Gimp. I am forced, by common sense and decency, to use Free and Open Source Software while I am also forced, by necessity, to earn a living. I was doing both of these things for years using Gimp before I ever heard of you. Go take your politics elsewhere and leave MY Gimp alone; nobody's forcing YOU to come sabotage our toolbox.

Or from this link:

"A lot of people over at want the old save and "export" mechanism back. The conclusion to draw from that is that they are not part of the user group we are targeting. We are not trying to make GIMP into an excellent JPEG touchup application, we are making GIMP into a high-end photo manipulation application where most of the work is done in XCF."

Well, Martin Nordholts, you arrogant asshole, I AM a professional graphics artist, I do it for a living, I have blogged and educated and advocated so extensively within the original Gimp community for so many years that my name is recognized everywhere I go in the computer graphics community - and I'm telling you you're stark, raving mad.

Except that nobody gets this crazy or stupid, so we have to assume that you are, in fact, deliberately sabotaging Gimp. One of the cornerstone tools of the FOSS desktop that's stood for 18 years as a necessary utility. What you are doing is stealing that from US. No, the answer isn't "if you don't like it, fork it". How about we nuke your house, and if you don't like it, you can build it again? You obviously have a lot of time and resources on your hands to spare, after all.

Open any file in any other program and save it. Open a text file in a text editor and edit it and save it. What does it do? Open an SVG file in Inkscape and edit it and save it. What does it do? Open an HTML file in Bluefish and edit it and save it. What does it do? Use any other program also aimed at "high-end photo development" (whatever that is supposed to mean) and open a file and edit it and save it. What does it do?

The Gimp development team's troll logic would have us believe that every other program, proprietary or FOSS, from the dawn of computing to the present day on every platform is doing the wrong thing, while they - and they alone - have Teh Won Twue Vision!!! and will save the ignorant masses from themselves. To the point where they'll tell the whole website (Alexa traffic rank 183,406) to go straight to hell, every last one of them.

My fellow FOSS citizens: When will we oust these dictators? How much more obvious and blatant does the criminal hijacking of Gimp have to get?

Episode IV: A New Hope While I am leading the effort to issue an official patch to change Gimp back to sanity, I have looked around and have deemed Krita and Pinta The New Gimp. We will be discovering their wonderfulness together later. I still want Gimp patched anyway, just to SPITE the bastards!

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