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Who Do I Write Like?

Date/Time Permalink: 07/15/10 04:55:38 pm
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I'm playing with this gizmo that analyzes your writing style, called I Write Like. Discovered from this Boing Boing link. Here's some results from various stuff I've clattered up:

Three recent blog posts:

"God, I Hope Webcomics Don't Go the Way of Print Comics" - David Foster Wallace

"What Science Fiction Would Be Like If Science Fiction Writers Had Sense" - Douglas Adams
Makes sense. Funny essay about science fiction.

"Did You Know Deer Will Let You Get This Close?" - Stephen King

Other, unpublished pieces I have lurking around my hard drives (works-in-progress and whatnot):

A Wikipedia-type definition of copy-writing - Margaret Atwood

An essay entitled "Elitism is Good!" - Kurt Vonnegut
Yay! I was going for Papa Kurt!

An essay entitled "The Hacker as Archetype" - William Gibson
Logical enough.


An old Python command-line poker program I wrote - Bram Stoker!
That's about right for how I code.

The complete source to my Flash Drop-A-Block game - David Foster Wallace

My current .emacs file - David Foster Wallace

I kept getting a buttload of DFW. On like every two blog posts I tried. The Boing-Boing commenters also remark that DFW pops up a lot. So this thing seems to not be too scientific. I'm sorry, but I never heard of this Wallace bird before, and he doesn't really impress me as somebody to emulate.

But at least I didn't get one Dan Brown!

Update 7/17/10: Apparently it "went viral" now, according to the write up over at Huffy-Poo.

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