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Where is the free version of Windows?

Date/Time Permalink: 03/25/06 06:59:52 pm
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It hit me like a bolt: the answer to why all the hostility directed at the Linux community. Why it's so difficult for Windows users coming to Linux. Why all the fights? This will strike you as sickeningly obvious, but since I've been following this topic world-wide on every site I can find and haven't seen any body else suggest it yet, I will take the credit for being smart as hell just because I was the first one to point out the obviously naked emporer:

Sick of Windows, moving to Linux, but discovered that you hate Linux, too? That's because Linux isn't what you want. Neither is Darwin, BSD, OS/2, Plan9, Solaris, or anything else. What you want is YOUR OWN Windows!!!!

And I might add: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And furthermore: !!!!

Come on, we have free DOS versions out there already. We have all these programmers in the Windows community flexxing their muscles about how good they are with Visual Basic and .NET and Visual Studio, whatever you guys use. We have screaming demand for it.

I'm serious, folks: Linux is the best damn system ever and it *isn't* what you want! You want a free Windows. So do it. It'll be just as good. License it under GPL. Follow the rest of the Open Source community's example. After all, when Unix users wanted a free Unix, they didn't try to take over MacIntosh and retrofit it, did they? You can't beat us; so JOIN us! No, I mean *really* join us, not by moving into our house, but by staking your own damn property in the neighborhood and building your own house!

Well, if you Windows-only people ever try it, count on my support. I'll use and review your system just like I do others on these pages.

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