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Where Blog Comment Spam Comes From...

Date/Time Permalink: 06/14/10 09:35:29 am
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Saw this ad today while browsing online bid-request ads and thought I'd snap it, just to show what's behind those pain-in-the-ass spams we have to delete every day (assuming your blog has open comments like mine does)...

posting for blog spamming job

Note that this won't be a bot job - there need be no automation at this rate. 100 spam comments at US $30 is thirty cents per comment. Sadly, you'll find plenty of people even in the industrialized world willing to work for that rate, considering that they can copy-and-paste the content from a file and visit 100 blogs they have bookmarked. All the CAPTCHAs in the world won't stop them. The job has four bids so far.

And note, #4 "no spamming comment" is bunk. That is what posting 100 links for the purpose of site promotion is, is spamming. It doesn't matter how you try to whitewash it.

I know I could report this to the site, but it's like pulling up a dandelion. I see an average of about five per day lately. The account name on this one is "prince11," with zero past ratings, obviously a brand new account. The poster is from India. How's that for irony? India can now afford to outsource to the US, and considering that it would be about an hour's work, can offer a very competitive wage!

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