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When will we hear the end of computer quacks?

Date/Time Permalink: 02/12/07 10:04:46 pm
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It seems no matter how much you think you know, the information architects and desktop Feng-Shui consultants want you to believe that you know nothing. Then they can explain all their gibberish and snake-oil solutions to you. And if you don't watch it, they'll steal your own ideas - and then sell them back to you!

Case in point: Don Norman, and his diploma which I'm sure is one that MIT regrets handing out. Do you design software? Then I'd guess most of the abuse that you put up with can be traced back to this man. It is his work, most particularly "the Design of Everyday Things", that is brandished by the technophobic, the philistine, the arrogantly ignorant, as justification for why they can't use a computer. Because of how it's designed.

Of course, such fruitful logic is the perfect panacea to all life's problems. I could also misspell and blame the poor design of language, crash a car and blame the poor design of the road, burn myself cooking and blame the design of the stove, and so on. Boy, will that ever get you far in life; you'd never need to learn or be responsible!

So why beat the dead skunk again? Check it out: Don Norman discovered command line interfaces! And he's about to take his discovery to the press! Yes, he thinks this is an original discovery all his own. Windows Vista uses a command line, and all of a sudden the interface that was holding Linux back is the same interface that's pushing Windows forward! Suddenly the advanced power of commands isn't just for elitist eggheads.

Check his Vista example of what a great command line interface is all about: “command line folder:interactions type:doc” to locate a file. Golly, no wonder he avoids mentioning Linux so carefully; because "locate filename" is just so much less intuitive, huh?

And he closes with "Isn’t progress wonderful?" Yes, Donny boy, especially if that progress is suddenly adopted by your favorite software monopoly after 20 years of you trying to stomp it out. I can't wait until Microsoft invents apt-get so he can fawn over it next...

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