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When Too Much Minecraft Changes Your Religion

Date/Time Permalink: 11/10/10 04:59:14 pm
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After the Halloween update, the inherent mythology of Minecraft just got too much for me. Even before, we had a game involving elements, alchemy-type actions performed on a crafting bench, supernatural monsters, and a spawn point for when you reincarnate. But now we have a mystical portal we can construct to teleport to an alternate dimension, which ("officially") is called the Nether and isn't supposed to resemble the place of condemnation in any particular religion...

But we know better, don't we?

And while I'm thrilled with the texture packs, I'm always disappointed at the painting file. There's lots of painting collections out there that try to be fine art for your home... but really, I don't play Minecraft just to sit around in my base. Minecraft is an open-ended game that invites you to use your imagination to meet it halfway - why not use the paintings file to enhance that aspect?

That's how I came up with the Mystical Symbols ArtPack.

Minecraft Mystic Artpack

So this kz.png is filled with symbols and images intended to invoke just about every kind of mythology, magic, and fantasy out there. I've included some influence from Wicca, Kabbalah, Paganism, Alchemy, Satanism, Egyptian mythology, and even deliberately vague stuff I made up at random - I'll leave the story-telling to you! Most of them are supposed to look like runes carved into rock, or mystic symbols burned into wood, or what-have-you, so you can decorate blocks and make them appear to be made from some natural material scratched with Masonic incantations or something.

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Satanize the hell out of your Nether portal!

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Hang hex stars over your door to ward off the creepers!

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Claim the cornerstone of your castle for the Freemasons!

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Turn a sand pyramid into an Egyptian tomb!

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Alchemy symbols for your transmutation workbench!

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Balance your chakras in front of your New Age altar!

Minecraft Artpack Demo

Your offering pleases Cthulhu!

Sources include my own gallery, my own past artwork, and some snips from the Wikimedia Commons library.

(You install these the usual way - if you don't know how, the Minecraft Wiki or the Minecraft Forums are the place to search.)

DISCLAIMER: This is all in good clean fun, and not meant to encourage or advocate for any religion or set of beliefs.

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