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When HASN'T Linux been at war?

Date/Time Permalink: 06/29/07 08:07:04 am
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Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Microsoft wants Linux dead. Four words that tell you all you need to know about how Microsoft and Linux relate.

It was that way from the day Linus Torvalds thought he'd try his hand at an operating system. It was that way the day Richard Stallman tried to fix that damned printer. It will be that way, and that way for every other free and open source system, BSD, GNU, and all. Forever and ever! Power in the hands of one global dictator versus power in the equal hands of all the people. Of *course* - duh! - the multi- billionaire global dictator doesn't want the people to get funny ideas about controlling their own technology.

Microsoft wants Linux dead. Write it down.

My opinion of anybody who purports to be pro-Linux while selling out to Linux's sworn enemy was already pretty low. News of Novell, Xandross, and now Linspire lining up to seal a deal with Redmond already crossed my desk, and the very best I can hope for them is that they find a cooler niche of Hell to go stand in.

But the latest traitor isn't content to sink a poisoned dagger in our backs; he has to rub some salt in the wound. And so, Kevin Carmony, a poster child for Judas' everywhere. Somehow, he doesn't seem to get the idea that signing up with Microsoft automatically makes you *NOT* a member of the Linux community. His spin on the highly justified outcry of rage against his betrayal is to assess that Linux is splitting into two factions.

Kevin, sweetheart, you haven't heard from the people who are REALLY pissed at you yet. Some of us were already so angry that we did not trust ourselves to speak just now. Antagonizing us is probably a bad idea, at a time like this so soon on the heels of your selling our heads to the global dictator who wants them to stuff and mount on his mantle.

No, Linux is not splitting into two factions. And while we're at it: no, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Microsoft's faithful little lapdog, there is no Linux civil war either. The war we have is the same one we've always been fighting: the fight for the right to breathe the free air.

What? You didn't know? Sure, you go right ahead and make sad widdle puppy eyes and ask what's going on, as if you had no idea. All that has changed - Novell, Xandross, Linspire, and insert-the-next-one-here, is that in the war between Microsoft and Linux, which was declared wholly by Microsoft, some of the people who were really on Microsoft's side the whole damn time quit pretending to be on Linux's side.

Just an FYI, Kevin Carmony: You didn't fool us for a minute. And quick, I hear Bill Gates snapping his fingers - you'd better get back under his desk!

Update: Seems the site BoycotNovell has a few punches left for Linspire as well. Noting that Linspire and Microsoft will line up side-by-side against Open Document Format in favor of Microsoft's OOXML.

Gee, that's some great interoperability! Why don't we follow suit and promote interoperability between Linspire and the rest of Linux by shutting down Linspire?

UPDATE 8/6/07: Kevin Carmony has just resigned. All I have to say about that is "Buck-a buck-a BUCKAW, chicken!"

UPDATE YET AGAIN, 2008: Since the time of this article, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has since moved his tent to ComputerWorld and hung a shingle under the name of "cyber cynic". And he's now coming off like not at all the Microsoft lapdog he used to. Now he sounds like a slightly more unscrewed and younger, more naive version of somebody right next to me.

Could be one editor or another colors his tone. I wish I understood corporate-drone blogocrats, but I'm probably happier not knowing what goes on in the back offices.

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