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When Do I Get My Own Reboot Girl?

Date/Time Permalink: 11/05/09 08:20:29 pm
Category: Humor

I loved the two clips from Japanese television demonstrating the new Windows 7 release - or rather, demonstrating that it still crashes!

reboot girl

But a new development has me a little jealous. In the second clip, from 'FailPost.com,' we see some news anchor trying to show off the touch-screen interface. So it freezes on him, and they bring out a woman who squats in front of the monitor and seems to have the sole function of rebooting the computer whenever it fails. He has his own Reboot Girl!

There she is at 1:06, and again at 1:55. The first time she humbly stays crouched over as she moves back out of frame after earning her keep making the magic box listen to Mr. Vest again. The second time, she stays in the frame for a while all "You gonna be needing me again?" And she sits like that kneeling for a minute before choosing a second when Mr. Vest walks across the frame before scuttling back behind the furniture again. Her face is never allowed to turn to the camera.

Where do they keep you, Reboot Girl? In a crate behind the bookshelves? Are you an MSCE? Is this a typical Japanese subservient-female thing, or is it in fact a role of privilege that you have, and Mr. Vest's grubby fingers are not allowed to touch the keyboard? And how do I hire one of you to perform those menial computer tasks I'm tired of doing myself? Do I post in Craigslist, or is there an agency I go through?

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