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What?!?!? Linux now NEEDS Microsoft?!?!?

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Nothing's more disappointing than watching the dunce in the corner suddenly appear to be on the verge of getting his first clue, only to get distracted and go back to rooting in his nostril at the last second. Groans all around!

Well, that zany SJVN is at it again. For the past two weeks, he's started to make noises like he has a clue, but then today posts something that instantly erases all credibility he was beginning to build up. Specifically, in the story linked from my title he's now saying that it makes good business sense for Linux and Microsoft to unite forces.

It helps us both, you see.

Now, let us consider: Linux is now big enough and powerful enough for Redmond to treat it as an equal. The question is,

How did that happen?

Is it because:

  1. Microsoft led an ad campaign for all these years expounding the virtues of its competitor?
  2. Gates and Ballmer jammed into kernel-dev and coded until their fingers bled building Linux?
  3. Generous donations from the Gates Foundation to the FSF?
  4. Linux was designed to be Windows II?
  5. Richard Stallman set out saying he was going to build an empire to make himself as rich as Bill Gates?
  6. No? Then how about:
  7. Linux got where it is today without a SINGLE BIT OF HELP FROM MICROSOFT? As in: "in spite of Microsoft". Sort of like: "with the violent, bloody opposition of Microsoft every step of the way."

Excuse me, but Linux needs Microsoft to succeed like America needed Saddam Hussein to assist with the invasion of Iraq.

I would rather we continued to persevere against Microsoft doing it's very worst to stop us, rather than progress with Microsoft on our side. The Freedom Software that wins with the assistance of Fascist Software is not free, not in any sense of the word. Better Linux should lose, than win by compromising its principles.

Without those principles, there would be no liberty-embracing technology platform in the first place.

Now, turn it around, does it benefit Microsoft to snap up some Linux distros? Oh, SURE! No doubt about it there! Now they have this nice, fat paper contract they can wave in front of the next judge's face. It's a Get-Out-of-Antitrust-Free card: "See, your honor, we cooperate with our competitors!"

But, Microsoft still shows up lobbying the government to rig the game against all other players!

But, Microsoft still has its "Get the Facts" ads up.

But, Microsoft still has anti-competition agreements with all of the major OEMs. Even Dell, who is treading the line.

But, Microsoft asstroturfers are still thriving on message boards across the web.

Does it look to you like Linux needs Microsoft? I can't see where we've needed them before in 15 years of Linux progress, and I also don't see where Linux has swept the nation and become a household name since the deals of Novell, Xandross, and Linspire.

Make not a moment's mistake, every bit of help Novell, Xandross, Linspire, and (name-of-next-distro-here) give to Microsoft (our enemy, by their own self-appointment) serves to help Microsoft crush the rest of Linux while keeping their own precious little asses safe (until last, at least).

Just because I've been nice about these defecting scum, these traitorous filthy bastards, don't think for a heartbeat that I condone it. It is unfortunately part of the baser side of human nature, that some are cowardly, greedy, or just plain stupid. Let Novell, Xandross, and Linspire go play in Microsoft's yard - it's where they wanted to be all along anyway!

But Microsoft is still devoted to crushing Linux. I don't hate Microsoft. I just love freedom. Microsoft hates freedom. So we are enemies. When Microsoft quits trying to eradicate Linux (indeed, when eradicating Linux drops down a few notches on their schedule, even) then I'll consider they might be possible friends. Until then, or until soon after Hell opens an ice cream store, every Linux company that becomes Microsoft's partner is just a well-paid traitor against Linux. End of story.

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