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welcoming systhread to my blogroll

Date/Time Permalink: 05/13/06 04:08:57 pm
Category: Site News

The blog "systhread" has earned a place in my "other geeky blogs" section. One of those that when I find it, makes me wonder how I'd ever missed it. Got my attention for the fascinating rumination "On Minimalism".

As far as minimalist desktops go, I use them strictly for performance. I'm the power user's power user, and patience is my lowest stat. I thank Slackware for my current broad view of desktops, because the 10.1 install (which I still have) has every major Linux desktop on tap, and switching between them is made very easy. Thus, I have ended up cherry-picking this application or that one from the choices out there, with no regard for which desktop it "belongs" to.

But when it's playtime, better believe I fire up the chrome!

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