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Two New Minecraft Abstract Painting Artpacks

Date/Time Permalink: 01/31/12 09:40:26 am
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It occurred to me, when playing Minecraft the other day, that paintings for art's sake just don't seem to translate well. The files have to be at such a tiny pixel resolution that very few images work without becoming walls of random pixels up close. And seriously, unless your base is one of those Khazad-Dum-sized monstrosities, how else are you going to view paintings except close-up?

So I figure, why make the paintings try to look like anything at all? That's when it hit me that abstract art would work best in this context. So today I'm sharing a couple of abstract art files, as a follow-up to my previous Minecraft Mystic artpack. Remember, these are just the painting files, not a complete texture pack for Minecraft. If you unzip your current texturepack and look for a folder called 'art' containing a file called 'kz.png' and replace it with one of these, then zip it back up, that'll install it. Or research how to install artpacks at the Minecraft Wiki or the Minecraft Forums.

Here's the two files, both named as 'kz.png':

Pack #1:

Minecraft Abstract artpack 1

Pack #2:

Minecraft Abstract artpack 2

I'm calling it all "abstract", but it includes dada, minimalism, cubism, modernism, and various other "-ism"-suffixed styles. They're mostly colorful, splashy, and blend easily with almost any interior decorating style. Furthermore, they're fit for the most pretentious snooty commentaries you want to reel off in the middle of your next YouTube Minecraft demo, like in these silly examples:

abstract art screenshot 1

"On the right we have Morris Selton's 'Expiration of Linearity', from the crest of his 'wood period' just before the revolution."

abstract art screenshot 2

"On the left, 'The Long Hall' by jazz-age artist Polimento Fabroginni; a return to form and color with the typical agitation he showed for the nonobjective. Nonrepresentational art would continue to be a morbid fascination of his, a medium he would flirt with but never court. And the right, a playful piece titled 'Sequitur Intersection' by pop dada artist Milo van Toot."

abstract art screenshot 3

"On the left, 'Grossitude' by Serbian surf-bunny-turned-feminist-exiled-designer Ravello Digrunkblezwy, is explained by her to represent 'the death of hope in the wake of the cultural dark age of art, reflecting on the void of emotions numbing her after her friend's three abortions.' It's been censored in China."

abstract art screenshot 4

"On the right, 'Wavy Orange Jello' by Douglas Farp, his final piece before he was committed to the home for the terminally insane. Farp's final commentary on this work was that it is a soap opera drama in which the far left squigly line is in love with the third one, who spurns this advance in favor of the second one, however the fourth one (his mother) will not allow them to marry, and so the fifth, sixth, and seventh squiggly lines are assassins hired to snuff her out."

abstract art screenshot 5

"'Down the Shaft', Jesus de Rico's expressionist monocolor work on the right, pulls us with a mixture of intrigue and dread down the hole into the center of the Earth. What lies below? An abandoned mine, a stronghold, a wasteland of obsidian-lined caverns with a lurking creeper? The bleakness captures the feeling of melancholy underground exploration, but at the same time the dim light gives us hope that perhaps a patch of diamond could be twinkling down there."

abstract art screenshot 6

"Dorian Earl Gray left us with this last dada-inspired tour-de-force before committing suicide to honor a pact he made with his opium-addicted mother in Bangkok. The balance, the vivid colors, and the tightness of the lines speak of his resignation to his fate, doubtless upon his mind as he conceived the canvas. Please don't touch; it flakes easily."

abstract art screenshot 7

"Three pieces by Philipe vans Brouche, entitled 'Hopping', 'Folicle', and 'Explorers'. His widow was kind enough to lend them from his estate, as these were the only three that his hunting dogs didn't chew up."

abstract art screenshot 8

"On the left is an experimental piece by a hacker collective who creates art by feeding daily social media tweets into an algorithm that picks values for colored pixels. This piece was produced in the few hours between the deaths of Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, totaling 7,642 tweets."

All kidding aside... They were actually all Gimp-produced, with various filters and plugins I'm sure all you Gimpers would recognize.

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