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Tux500 crash!

Date/Time Permalink: 05/17/07 06:09:46 pm
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Right back here just a few posts ago, I said:

Now I'm just praying that the tux500 gang doesn't pressure their driver to win so hard that he takes crazy chances which he can't handle and ends up crashing. Pressure is what they do best, you know! I don't like this scenario... it's the only thing that hasn't gone wrong yet.

I hate getting gut feelings. Not only are they always right, but they're never good news.

But no, I thought afterwards, they couldn't be that stupid. Well, they could!

Congratulations to the Tux500 team. Along with your reckless destruction of Linux, your insane pressure on a driver to carry out your mad scheme has driven him to the breaking point. He's now hospitalized with back pain.

I hope all the tux500 marketing mafia are proud of themselves. Yes, it IS their fault. Had they thought things through, had they thought of ANYTHING but lining their pockets, they would not have forced this driver into this situation. Just like they forced the Linux community into a state of polarized chaos with their witch hunt!

I probably shouldn't be blogging on it yet. Right now, I'm so mad I could bite through cement.

Considering the reaction by helios and gang is to JOKE about it:
helios crash reaction

And the Tux500 website is already trying to minimize the incident by calling his condition "OK", I guess I might as well be angry. At least *I* care...

UPDATE: Oh, so is admitting that Gregoire has a broken vertebra, now. And of course, not satisfied with this disaster, they want to FIND ANOTHER DRIVER!

I have a great suggestion: Put Ken Starks at the wheel. I understand he has a lot of drive to make this project happen.

UPDATE 2: It seems helios (aka ken Starks) ran a smear article back at some *other* site critical of Tux500. What is remarkable is this comment about it posted to, which, at this moment in time, sums up the whole scandal in better words than I can right now:

"Another failed Linux fanboy project that spent more time and energy arguing about the would'a/should'a/could'a issues instead of just doing something great (hard to believe they couldn't convince one person with real marketing/pr campaign experience to help them avoid the hundreds of fatal errors they made on this fiasco).

As to feeling sorry for any of the collateral fallout - you must be kidding (sniff - poor Tom Chastain). Next time do your homework and have a VIABLE business plan before launching some half-ass'd project that assumes you speak for the majority of the Linux community."

Jesus, yes. I'm just sad we couldn't stop it in time, before it took such a gruesome toll. I can't believe these ghouls actually broke somebody's back, totaled the car, and they're *STILL* just going to plow ahead like everything's going smooth. After all, they still get their money...

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