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top ten ideas for future SCO lawsuit headlines:

Date/Time Permalink: 07/21/06 10:00:02 pm
Category: Humor

10. Unibomber advises SCO team to knock it off already, saying "Sometimes, you have to know when you've gone too far."
9. SCO lawyers reminded to put out crack pipe before entering court room.
8. SCO spokesperson brandishes list "here, in his hand" of 57 known code thieves.
7. SCO calls psychic witness to stand to discover copied code.
6. Stolen SCO code located: twelve pairs of curly braces.
5. Sony calls SCO to thank them for reclaiming the tech company laughing-stock position.
4. SCO gives up, goes after Barr association for stealing the idea for lawsuits instead.
3. SCO judge seen playing Tetris out of boredom while court is in session.
2. Even SCO's legal team wants to quit, argue "We have families we've never seen!"
1. SCO threatens to hold breath and turn blue if they don't get their way.

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