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HOWTO reverse color in Firefox.

Date/Time Permalink: 08/22/06 05:28:51 pm
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Digg in reverse video

Above and below are screenshots of Digg.com. Click either to see full-screen. A discussion came up on Digg about reverse-video for web design. Those of us who stare at a monitor for a living know that there's only so much one can take of glaring white backgrounds, no matter how trendy whitespace is in web design. But blackspace gets old, too. In Firefox, I pick "edit...preferences..." and the content tab and 'fonts and colors'. Choose white for foreground and black for background and uncheck the box that says "allow sites to use their own colors tab" box. Save and reload.

The last time I tried this, I remember running into problems with different pages; maybe that was with FF 1.0.? and there wasn't the option to force the preference? I remember if the text is declared black then FF would know to change it white, where the background wasn't declared and assumed to be white by default. Resulting in white on white and unreadable text.

An even better combo I hit on is a low-contrast option; dark grey background, white text, cyan links and violet visited-links. How interesting the web looks this way...

Digg in low contrast reverse video

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