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Game of the Day: Tux Racer

Date/Time Permalink: 07/01/06 04:07:25 pm
Category: Linux Gaming

TuxRacer screenshot

TuxRacer is perhaps the most famous of the Open-GL games native to the Linux desktop. Cheery theme music, challenging levels, detailed graphics, and a thriving fan-base community lend to make this a game experience on a par with many commercial titles. The only catch is, you really *really* need a graphics card - and the right kind. I finally got around to getting an ATI Radeon AGP - which then laid around for six months before I got around to slapping it in. Behold - Open-GL on all Linux distros started to magically work all by themselves! Unlike some (most) Linux desktop games, TuxRacer will not emulate 3D from software or use some alternative graphics library like SDL or Allegro. It's hardware or nothing.

Control Tux with arrow keys Forward-faster (until your speed is out of the green, then kicking actually slows you down!) also makes Tux 'fly' when airborne, getting longer distance out of a jump; Left-Right same, Down to slow down. Holding 'e' charges a jump, which Tux can then execute when you release 'e'. Scoring is determined first by the number of fish you can catch in the level, then by time. So racing isn't as important as scoring fish. The terrains are snow, hard ice which is faster, and dirt which is slower. Obstacles are trees and brush and the terrain itself, which is at it's most daunting when you smash into a cliff or fall into a pit.

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