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Date/Time Permalink: 10/02/07 03:35:19 pm
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Time to make one of those dreaded "just to say I posted" posts. Really, I've been trying to blog, but everything that comes up lately has a built-in unblogginess factor.

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Yeah, for instance, I've uploaded some new wallpapers to the 1600x1200 section. But really, when is that news? Except to toot my own horn: "See? I'm not slacking! No, I was drawing! Ha! You thought I was slacking, but I was draw-wiinnng!"

Or else there's little nuggets like: I am thunderstruck to have actually beaten GNU GO! I mean in a straight game, full strength, with no handicap. For the first time. After playing it for years. I love Go - I consider it the greatest of board games - but it's kind of discouraging because it takes so many years of your life to finally get good enough at it where you don't suck. Yep, even got the screenshot to prove it:

So, I'm, like, 9 kyu now?

But who else cares about that? Nobody really ought to. No, to blog about something as personal and trivial as that comes off as sounding like a gushy MySpace teen. Oh my GAWD! I totally beat Go! Mind you, I haven't beaten it again for the 42 games I've played since this screenshot was taken. I guess I'll get this lucky again in the next two years, be able to beat it consistently in five years, and at last be ready to start being taken seriously at the game in about a couple of decades.

And then my dumb little Windows XP project has shown some progress. While I'm at it, and having nothing to blog about, I might as well not blog about TheOpenCD project, which I downloaded and used to saturate the newly PWn3D Win-duhs box with open source goodness.

In a perfect universe, I would have made a full post out of TheOpenCD as a review. In fact, I had it half-written, when, suddenly, the project died. What happened to it? Why? Will it fork? Did I jinx it? I must have been the last person on Earth to snag an ISO before it shuttered. The OpenDisc mentioned on that page seems to be a pretty fair replacement, but I don't want to say anything too loud about it. I'm afraid I'll jinx it, too.

Of notable non-blog-worthiness is the excellent ClamAV, the open-source anti-virus for Windows. I found it on TheOpenCD, and figured to give it a shot. A FOSS AV program is at least one AV I trust. And boy, did it sweep the system! After nearly a month of scraping virus cruft out of this box - freeing 3 GB by hand - ClamAV found another 21,358 infected files, most of them Trojans and Trojan downloaders. Most of them were in the system32 directory, which I would not have been able to find my way through. When I told a Windows-using friend of mine that I wasn't putting the Windows box online, he's going "But WHY???"

Anyway, the Windows box is getting to be squeaky clean, with another Gig-and-a-half worth of crud removed. In fact, it's running like it's had an enema. And a month-long fat-burning diet. Sure, as people have pointed out, Windows runs fine if you know what you're doing. Knowing what you're doing involves keeping it restrained, like Hannibal Lecter with rabies.

But really, so what? More of my personal life.

One last thing to not blog about, is that while puttering about with non-freedom software on XP and having an old game disk handy, I tried out Sierra's "the Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions" on Wine on Slackware. And it worked beautifully! For me, I simply mounted the CD, ran the setup under Wine, and played. It plays identical to the install on the Windows box, with one tiny glitch: When the background music file loops, it briefly plays some garbled noise before playing the music track again. The best way to describe it is, it sounds like a 33+1/3 record played at 78. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then get off my lawn, you young whippersnapper!

Well, that's everything I don't have to not blog about. See you next time when I don't blog again, if I'm not too busy with work to forget I have a blog.

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