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Time for an Emacs mascot?

Date/Time Permalink: 10/17/06 02:25:38 pm
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As I was tooling about in Blogistan (accompanied by this week's Boing Boing Boing podcast on the Victrola), I saw one too many "made in Notepad"/ "created with FrontPage" blurbs on the various pages. Said I to myself: "I'm going to find a 'powered by Emacs' button to slap in my sidebar". And Google though I might, I couldn't find one. The closest I could find was this.

Which got me a-thinkin': The Free Software community doesn't do nearly enough to promote itself. We have the artwork collection at GNU.org and of course various Linux distros have artwork by the pound. You can say "powered by GNU" for generic GNU software - I explored these but made my own, visible in this blog's sidebar.
my own GNU button

That's free, by the way, anybody who wants to swipe it may.

But to my point: what about giving Emacs it's own mascot? The wildebeest (nameless, still?) is busy being GNU's logo. If we were to give Emacs it's own mascot, what sort of creature might it be?

An octopus to suggest it's multifunctionality?

An owl to suggest it's wisdom?

The visage of St. Ignucious? A simple vector caricature, of course.

The classic kitchen sink? I still have a copy of that icon floating around on one of my distros.

A workhorse? That's actually the closest to the way I've thought of Emacs, over these ten-plus years of usage through multiple operating systems.

Well, I'm pondering.
In the mean time, I drew some buttons here.

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