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Today, AOL opened it's Instant Messenger SDK to Mac and Linux.

Minutes later, thousands of retching, gagging Mac and Linux users fell to their knees, begging AOL to CLOSE IT BACK UP!

From the article:
"We're very concerned about privacy. Only people on your buddy list can see the information." Oh, hell, yeah, when I look up 'security' in the dictionary, there's the AOL logo right there.

Developers can now also easily build AIM bots through the Open AIM program. AOL has added sample code and scripting programs that are designed to help turn any AIM screen name into an automated bot. Brightening your day, yet?

and AIM's advanced security features cannot be used on Linux, but other functionality is fully supported. Awwwwww....

However, there are some restrictions to the Open AIM licenses. Those who use the APIs to build a custom client cannot connect to multiple IM networks Gee, why didn't Sun think of that? 'We'll open Java, but you have to swear to use no other programming language.'

In addition, each license key embedded into a program can only log-in to the AIM network 250,000 times per day, or 2 million times per month¶, limiting the potential user base. Put this together with the 'bot' thing a few lines back. Golly, I don't see any trouble here...

There's only one conclusion that I can draw from this: This is Microsoft's final weapon against Linux. Didn't MS and AOL get cozy a while back?

No, this calls for a more vitriolic wit than mine. I hereby call forth the FOSS community's Hero. In the name of St. Ignucious... Richard Stallman! SIC EM!!! AND DON'T STOP CHOMPING TIL YOU TASTE MARROW!!!

¶ So even with the longest month of 31 days, a bot on AOL can spam 32,000 times PER DAY and be generously inside the limits! Hey, I don't care *how* many sparkly mobiles I made out of all those AOL CDs, nothing makes up for this!

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