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Things Windows Users Need To Do Before Linux Takes Them Seriously...

Date/Time Permalink: 03/26/06 03:08:02 pm
Category: General

1. Drop the Royal Decrees.
Somehow, the Linux community has managed to spoil users so rotten that Windows newcomers now feel they need do nothing but sit back and wave their scepter and make their demands and a huddle of geeks instantly scurry to Make It So. No, it doesn't work that way. Even amongst geeks, arrogance gets you nothing but spit on. And that's when you CONTRIBUTE something.

2. Drop the Abuse.
Duh! Keep flaming us for being elitist snobs and stuck-up eggheads and snooty intellectuals one minute, then demand we spoon-feed help to you the next, then sit there and ask why we don't feel like being helpful. Duh. Duh! D-U-U-H! Maybe it works that way in Microsoft-land - if so, that's the place to practice it.

3. Learn Something.
Anything. How to spell. How to Google. How to reason. There are 1000-page manuals about Unix and Linux out there for sale in every bookstore, and all of us Linux geeks learned how the same way, BY READING THE 1000-PAGE MANUALS! COVER TO COVER! And it wasn't so you wouldn't have to, it's to give us all a starting place to keep going from.

4. Quit Setting Our Goals.
Linux doesn't need to do anything at all. Here, watch, we'll sit on our hands and do nothing for 10 years: ten years pass. Is Linux any worse off ten years later than it is today? Outside of how we'd need to catch up the code on our hardware drivers, no. Linux is not a business, has no shareholders, is not bent on world-domination: in a nutshell, it DOES NOT COMPETE. It just IS. Some software company out there whose stated goal was to conquer the Earth, however, failed to do this and it's Linux that stopped them. That doesn't mean we take on our self-declared enemy's goal. We could care less about world domination, as long as whoever the dictator is quits devoting every minute of their time to killing us off.

5. Get your OWN free operating system!
Linux will never be Windows, because Linux was done as a free version of Unix, not a free version of Windows. What you guys need is a free version of Windows. You already have free versions of DOS and GNU programming tools that run on your system. In the space of time (about a week) that the Linux community stamps out 10 more distro releases, you could have a GPL'd free Windows all ready to go. The free software community would be happy to help, because at last we would be able to provide a united front across all platforms, each with their own free version of their system. Right now, we have free versions of every operating system ever invented, except for one big glaring hole where there's no free Windows. As popular as Windows is, you'd think you guys could scrounge up *one* little development group and eke this out?

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