Don't be a wimp; learn to Gimp!

These days, you have to be a hacker just to get anything done right.

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My new motto is: "Everything is broken, and no one knows why." I say it at least once a day now.

I used to be brilliant. I used to spend all my time getting nifty things done and then blogging my amazing feats, to the inspiration of all. Oh, bare, ruined choir, where late the sweet birds sang! Now, all of my extra skill is just spent running on the hamster-wheel trying to fix everything, because there are now enough incompetents in the world that more things are broken now then ever before, and we have reached the Idiocracy event-horizon.

Penguin Pete's Law Of The 2010s: For each thing that you can fix, there are three more people who are working in the background to break it in three new, unique, unexpected ways.

Take uploading a user avatar image. This used to work. I never came upon anybody who managed to break a user avatar method. Upload image, display image.

PInterest used to work. Then one day I logged into my PInterest account and found it like this:

That's my recognizable little blue snowflake logo. It's showing sliced in half. I've Googled up enough other people complaining about this and seen enough other PInterest profiles to know that it's not just me. Not caring about the "right" way to fix this, I just did this:

So now it's shrunk, but displays whole because the right side gets cut off. There's no point to spending more time on this than that. They'll just figure out how to break it more later.

And then on my Google+ profile...

You can see my (too big) flake logo there, but then they had to put this ditzy background behind it. I don't want that there. I want nothing there. You can't have nothing. You can only get "change cover photo" and it has to be either of two equally broken templates. Googled around for a fix, gave up, made a 1600x1200 blank white jpg and uploaded it. That's better:

That's sorta what I want. I know they will never give me the feature I wanted. They'll just figure out how to break it more later. But it'll be fun with people asking me "How did you get rid of your image?" Because nobody, nobody, ever, ever, thinks of these things but me. Lucky devils.

And then there's been my Yahoo! Answers profile, which has had my correct icon showing on the profile page, but still displays the gray smiley box next to my replies on Yahoo Answers. Because they used to have you use the same avatar from your Yahoo 360 blog, but they buried that dead horse a long time ago, so now they changed it and you have to do this, this, and this... I don't care. So on Yahoo! Answers, (not like I've even used the account in two years now) I'm a gray smiley face. No, no, don't tell me how to solve this one! I would have Googled it myself by now if I still cared.

It isn't worth fixing. They'll just figure out how to break it more later.

I know all of you go through this, too. We have reached the critical-mass of broken in the universe, a kind of quantum state of matter where everything stays broken the same way until you fix it, which causes a team of gremlins to wake up and come break it in a new way at light-speed.

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