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The Only Good Things During the 2000s Happened In Technology

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If it wasn't for technology, I'd be tempted to leave a note for future time travelers to please, somehow erase the years 1999-2009 from all memory and reality. But even though every other culture and category is weeping in its collective beer, the 2000s might go down in history as the best decade ever for technology!

Here's the top honors for geeks in the 2000s:

Broadband Internet - Faster is better, right? No arguments there?

YouTube - And online video in general. Especially now that it even plays smooth on Linux.

USB - Finally, temporary removable data storage got away from the floppy!

Firefox - Quite possibly the most perfect program ever developed.

4Chan - Ooooh, am I going to get flamed about this one! But the rise of the *chans brought with it a new culture on the web, and it's a culture where new, exciting things are happening. While the original 4chan might raise your ire, consider going to something besides the /b/ random board. Also see the Overchan directories - there's an image board of every flavor, even some nice ones!

Wikipedia - While it continues to have its problems and it's always going to be a war between editors with an agenda and the sacred neutral point of view, you have to admit that we've built something really valuable here.

Twitter - Still nothing but a copy of 1% of IRC, but what the hey, it's popular.

BitTorrent - Peer-to-peer file sharing - it made freedom easier.

Mobiles - The mobile phone/ device revolution. It was kind of inevitable anyway, but let's face it, it could have been worse. It could have been a repeat of the introduction of the desktop 386 PC. The advent of text messaging and the iPhone/iPod go here as well.

GPS - Remember paper maps? Finally, after all the doom-and-gloom predictions, a technology actually did manage to make a paper medium obsolete!

FOSS and Linux - No doubt here, Linux and Free/Open Source Software made strides the likes of which have never been seen before in any tech industry field.

President Barrack Obama - Between the way he refused to give up his Blackberry when taking office, and the recent move of the Whitehouse.gov domain to the Drupal platform, seeing a tech-savvy administration for once has been a refreshing change of pace. Great, it only took the US government 20 years to catch up to the citizens, but hey, better late than never.


And just to be balanced, here's the WORST things to happen in technology in the 2000s:

SCO - It won't die, ever!

Novell - Earned their place as the greatest sell-out to Microsoft in history.

SEO - Not to be confused with SCO, SEO is the cargo-cult of "Search Engine Optimization." As convoluted as astrology charts, as bad-science as biorhythms, as superstitious as Dark Ages medicine, as useless as Tarot cards, and the proponents are as ignorant as rocks. When anybody in real life utters the acronym "SEO" in a non-ironic manner, I automatically deduct 50 points from their IQ.

Windows XP and Vista - If you have to ask, I can't explain it. Really, the continued monopoly of Microsoft goes here. A silver lining is that Vista made some old-guard Windows proponents question their devotion to Microsoft for the first time.

The Sony rootkit - Can't forget this one. While it didn't affect Linux/BSD/Mac users, we still all had reason to be a little more paranoid about our music collections.

Social News - The Cancer that is killing the Internet. Navel-gazing, Narcissistic, tunnel-visioned, full-of-itself, and responsible for most of the bad things that happen on the web. Digg and Reddit should both be burned to the ground, and they each spend the majority of their time heckling each other about who's worse, which is the only thing they're both right about.

Yahoo - Watching Microsoft's take-over attempt of Yahoo and the pitiful way Yahoo failed to defend itself was like watching a cat go after a mouse and the mouse is standing there with an "Eat me!" sign. The only reason Yahoo's alive today is because Microsoft found it too difficult to chew.

Cuil - Cuil was almost a web-bubble all by itself, but too small to do any damage.

Wolfram Alpha - Oh, look, a giant bazillion-dollar calculator that also gives Mad-Libs responses to non-math questions!

MS-Live and Bing - Microsoft gets into the search business, everybody says it's going to suck, and then lo and bejeezus, it sucks!

The Zune - Even non-PR-people at Microsoft admit that it was an abomination.

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Bonus Buck: PCWorld's The 87 Lamest Moments in Tech for the decade, I have to reluctantly admit, is pretty fair. And that's a link to the printable version.

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