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The one time I will support digital copyright: the NFL

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The link in the title goes to some news: guess the NFL doesn't want you violating the copyright on their games by inviting friends over to see the Stupid Superbowl.

Normally I (who has never stolen so much as a kiss in his life), would be hoisting a toast to all the video pirates out there burning Superbowl DVDs and releasing them through Bittorrent. But in this case, I'll make an exception, because the NFL is just so special.

So I'll go them one better. I solemnly vow never to view a football game in my life, nor share a video clip, sound file, or still image of any football game. I also vow to discourage the viewing of football and "spectator sports" in general, amongst anybody I know, based on the idea that it is time we stopped pretending that it was anything but a rodeo sport in which humans are pumped full of steroids and set to fight like pitt bulls. The only honest sports are when we ourselves get out and play them for fun and exercise.

After all, I haven't wasted a moment of my life watching their crap to begin with. And I'm glad to see that even its proprietors are now advising us not to watch it.

I suggest disbanding all pro sports organizations, taking the money back from professional athletes, and donating the money to something more worthwhile, like medical research, world peace, land mine removal, education, better crops, or simply setting the money on fire and filming it for YouTube. This would be the only real, true, guaranteed way to ensure that piracy of sports footage will never happen again. Act now; this is too important a problem to let happen again!

Anytime, NFL! Always glad to help!

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