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Date/Time Permalink: 07/24/09 10:56:19 pm
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We've been riding the Roller-Coaster of Drama this week in the tech community, and I was considering composing an overview of it. But Hans Bezemer just posted and said it all for me better than I could say it myself.

So go check out his post, where he comes with the Flashlight of Rationality to lead us out of the Trenches of FUD and back to the Sunny Light of Reason. For once I can just sit back and go, "Yeah, what he said!" About evangelists, attempts to divide the community, Mono Kool-Ade, MS's code submission regarding Hyper-V, and Linus Torvalds' quote and how it's been taken out of context. (waaaaay, way way out!)

And of course, some pro-Mono asstroturfers who are now cwying and clutching their bwankies because they didn't succeed in making all the Linux community bloggers go hang themselves.

Glyn Moody also throws in a hand, comparing the current Mono-culture-clash with the old KDE-Qt-vs-Gnome debate.

He gets second mention this time, because, well, 'purist' and 'pragmatist' is a distinction that just can't stretch to cover enough edge cases this time. If you're a purist because you were concerned that bad choices could lead to a crippled platform, doesn't that make you a pragmatist, too? For example, I prefer Free Software tools for 100% pragmatic reasons. When it comes to toys (i.e. games) I'm just as happy with proprietary as open source. Tools vs toys - see, I can do alliteration too!

By the way, the fourth financial quarter just rolled around, and MSFT is tanking like a dead mastodon. We're talking declines as high as 30% here. Ooooooh, so that's why all the distraction!

As I recently told somebody else this week (a plagiarist thug) whom I'd rather not bring up, "Pull my other leg - it plays Pachelbel's Canon in D".

Man, some weeks, you just can't trust anybody!

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