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The Annual Christmas Online Games Speedlink Post

Date/Time Permalink: 12/25/08 12:05:59 pm
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Just when you were all wondering if I'd abandoned the dang blog, I'll carry on my Christmas tradition of posting a list of online games and toys that I found interesting this year. Because at least I got Christmas off work!

Gallery of Computation - I love these Flash demo sites. This one has a huge gallery of experiments and explorations in Flash programming. Navigate through this swoopy spacey interface to surf the demos.

Logo in your Browser - Yo dawg! We heard you like Logo, so we put some Logo in your browser so you can hack while you surf! Sorry, it wrote itself. I tried to stop it.

Light Bot - A very unique game. You have to program a bot to walk and hop around, turning on lights on squares to complete each round. To do this, you drag and drop little icons for commands and execute all at once. Also has two functions you can program. Challenging at higher levels!

Texas Hold-Em - Since you hear so much buzz about it - knowing how to program a gambling game site is a good meal ticket for a freelancer - you might as well learn the game. This version was easy for me to learn, although I still regard Texas Hold-Em as "Poker for Dummies".

Sittin' At a Bar - Nothing special about this one - just your typical balance game. Done to promote a song single. With a song you can't get out of your head. Seriously.

Orbs - Has won my award for most innovative useful Flash toy this year. This application lets you compose a simple music loop using a few instruments in two styles and an interface that is so easy, your cat could probably use it. A blessing for somebody like me who has no understanding of music whatsoever. Uh. Anybody know a way to download these as .wav files?

My own Orbs creations:

Super Mario Flash - It's Super Mario in Flash. Compared to the 1000 other attempts out there, this one actually succeeds.

Untangle - A very original game where you move nodes to make the strings connecting them not cross. A lot more challenging than it sounds!

And while we're at it, before my work drags me away from my own site again, Eric over at Binary World has launched a web comic, making him the zillionth acquaintance to have done so while I still sit here pondering how to start mine.

Happy Holidays, you crazy, wonderful blogosphere, you!

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