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Stumble-Upon is Malware! Uninstall!

Date/Time Permalink: 03/06/07 01:29:54 pm
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I've been up in arms about Stumble-Upon for a while now. Remember just a few posts back when I said "one more peep out of this bossy little extension and out it goes"???

Guess what?

I just got spam!

From Stumble Upon!


TITLE: Try Stumble Video from StumbleUpon

You are invited to try out the new Stumble Video!
Stumble Video is a new service from StumbleUpon that automatically finds and plays videos that match your interests. It's the same great technology that powers the StumbleUpon toolbar used by over 1.9 million people.
Watch Videos Now!

And so on. Mind you, they somehow bypassed the 'junk box' email address which I used to sign up with their account - and which I intentionally use for potentially chatty contacts - oh no! - they sent it to my PRIVATE, WORK-ONLY GMAIL account! How the hell anybody got that address is beyond me, because it's exclusively for client interaction and not given out for any other reason. It is also the first spam I've seen coming to my Gmail account that didn't get caught by the filter.

What awesome audacity! So much for the Firefox Plugin That Tried to Take Over the World. Ne_e_ext?

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