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Stumble-Upon - Good News, Bad News

Date/Time Permalink: 07/14/06 08:49:01 am
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Stumble-Upon is my second-favorite plugin for the mighty Firefox web browser. And I have good news and bad news about them, linkable from the handy title above.

Good news: They just got a round of investor capitol. Go, Stumble, Go!
Bad News: They're going to spend it porting Stumble-Upon to Internet Explorer.

Normally, we should care one way or another. But this will ruin Stumble Upon. Because the attraction of Stumble Upon is the excellent taste of it's users, who recommend a site that I'm almost guaranteed to like. That is Stumble-Upon's whole appeal: taste. When I go to Stumble, I anticipate that I will find the coolest, hippest, best sites around, the cream of the elite. I might say, in two years solid of Stumbling, that I have *never* come across a bad site - not really very interesting to me, yes; bad, no.

But now we bring in the Internet Explorer users. They flood the system. They all jump into it going "OMG!!!!! ASL????? LOL!!!!!" and it's going to be goatse and redneck jokes and tacky glurge from Hell every time you click Stumble.

No, I'm being level here. Yes, I know, Internet Explorer users count as the majority of my traffic, too, despite how portions of my site are designed as if IE didn't exist (validate it through W3C, why don't you?). And let's face it: No offense, but Internet Explorer demographic's tastes are forever firmly rooted in the cheap end of the Monopoly board.

Come on, folks. You know this is so. Answer for what you did to AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, IRC, Usenet, and Slashdot. Tell me where the phrase "the September that Never Ended" came from. How many Angelfire, Geocities, and Delphiforums pages are set up by Macintosh, Linux, BSD, and Solaris users? There's about two Linux users left on, and I've linked to both of them. My case is proven. Internet Explorer users, you are who made McDonald's rich and Jerry Springer a household name. Sorry to break it to you IE users. Try not to take it too hard.

Yep, we've seen many a golden age go down in the tech world before, and many more will come. I'll just wait for the next one...

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