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SOPA Shall Not Pass

Date/Time Permalink: 12/16/11 02:22:59 pm
Category: Prophecies

You are worried about nothing. SOPA will not pass.

I'm a prophet.

That's how I know.

Prophecy being a crappy profession on the web, this time, I'm going to play my cards differently. I know better than to waste time telling you all why SOPA will not pass. All that will get me is a bunch of static and flames. Instead, this time, I will play the hoary gadfly you all love me to be, and I will simply keep my cards hidden while calling your bets. After SOPA dies and you all come reeling in a daze back to me all "However did you know, O mighty oracle?" that's when you'll be ready to sit down and listen to me explain it in hindsight.

You don't need to sign a petition. You don't need to vote. You don't need to donate money. Sit on your hands and do nothing. Wu wei.

SOPA will not pass. I'm standing by it. Take your screenshots now. If I am wrong, I cannot begin to guess what kind of foul penalty the blogosphere will extract from me, but I'll leave that to the imagination of you clever kids out there...

SOPA shall not pass!!!

Followup 1/16/12: And lo, the prophecy spake by Penguin Pete didst verily come true, first by being half-killed, and then finally by breathing its last upon the House floor. And the Internet Hivemind were deceived greatly amongst themselves, saying to each other "This is our doing! We are in control!" And none gave heed to Penguin Pete's words, that SOPA was doomed because it labored against the interests of big corporations.

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