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son of the Wolvix Games Edition Review

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Wolvix screen-shot 1

Welcome back, kiddies! It's time once again to head for the land of Oz. That wicked witch tried everything she could to distract us, from flying monkeys (in my nightmares, they look just like Bob Dole) to sleepy poppies (imported fresh from Afghanistan). But we made it anyway!

First, to clear up a few misconceptions from last time: It appears that running as root isn't the cure-all I touted before. That worked on the Slackware machine, but running on the other machine (the online one, upon which I type this within the confiles of Blogger's own online editor) as root caused a new surprise: the Xfce panel disappeared! And still no sound (my ALSA-compatible sound card simply doesn't *exist* in Wolvix.). And I'm back in guest mode on this box - and contrary to what the instructions tell me, typing "startx" gets me a panic-console; only typing "startxfce4" on this machine gets the actual desktop. So, just don't listen to any more recommendations I make about how to make Wolvix work; I'm doing it all with black candles and goat's blood. Onward (he said FIRMLY):

Wolvix screen-shot 1

When you hear about a Linux distro that boasts over 50 games, you might be tempted to think of Gnome-panel and KDE-accessory games that we've all been playing to death for the last five years, with perhaps a sideorder of "Ace of Penguins" thrown in. Certainly, LLGP gets away with it. But no, with Wolvix, you get actual *GAME* games. Perhaps the most note-worthy is the adventure games: "Beneath a Steel Sky" and "Amazon Queen" are the two you might recognize. I was aghast at starting "Steel Sky" and seeing the Virgin Interactive logo on a Linux desktop - running with full blessings of the company, according to the docs! God, a commercial game company takes interest in Linux - film at eleven!!!

Wolvix screen-shot 1

There's many more, of course, but to list them in this space would be redundant. Here's the list from the site itself, plus more screen shots.
So far, I've simply been too enraptured by all of it to say anything coherent - this selection simply rocks! A real effort was made not just to gather a handful of applications and serve them with a side order of fries, but to scour the Earth for the very best that Linux gaming has to offer. With one caveat: no 3D-graphics-card-intensive games. So this distro is also dedicated to ensuring that if you can run one game, you can run all of them! Note the exclusion of TuxRacer - you know, I tried with about 4 different distros to get that thing going, and I'm seeing it fall off the radar, now. I'm relieved it wasn't just me!

So, final analysis: Wolvix is a potential winner. Nothing I've cited as being wrong with it is unsolvable - it's just a matter of beta-testing and bug-rosolution. And who among us has written a program without bugs? I'm certainly not in a position to cast the first stone. Perhaps Wolvix Games Edition might have better fortune if it starts from a base like Puppy Linux or Damn Small. Slackware groupie that I am, I'm still in touch with reality enough to admit that it's not for just everybody.

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