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Some New Strategies for Explaining Linux and Windows Users to Each Other

Date/Time Permalink: 12/13/06 04:58:51 am
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OK, maybe if we had some assistance from authors, play writers, and television producers, then the Windows and Linux culture might be better able to reconcile their differences:

"Unix is from Mars, Windows is from Venus, Mac is from Saturn"

A book exploring the cultural differences of the various systems. Unix is the text-based culture and Windows is the picture-based culture; thus flames from Unix users are like being attacked by a rabid encyclopedia, while Windows users flame via posting links to goatse. Is there any hope for them to communicate on the same level?

"The Geek Couple"

A new Broadway play exploring the personality clash from two room mates, one of whom runs Windows and the other runs Linux. The Linux user is up in arms at the Windows user's sloppiness, tacky taste, and constantly having a cold, while the Windows user is fed up with how the Linux user is inventing new home-made contraptions that blow up and ruining the kitchen appliances by trying to install Linux on the can opener and the blender.

"Computer Swap"

A new reality show in the tradition of "Wife Swap", only here we take each a Windows and Linux user and switch their machines for a week. Who will melt down first? The Windows user who can't run anything on Linux because none of the files end in ".exe" or the Linux user who can't play the Sims because he can't find the man page for it? Will the Windows user quit trying to defragment Linux's hard drive? Will the Linux user quit trying to recompile the Windows kernel?

Just some thoughts...

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