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Six Things I Wish I Could Do With My Google+ Account

Date/Time Permalink: 07/15/12 05:09:56 pm
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Whee! I've had a Google+ account for something like six months now. It feels exactly like one of those novelty birthday gifts where some agency will name an asteroid after you. Yes, there's my Google+ account, 2011-JG8, in the dark side of the Apoheles cluster. Too bad no human eye will ever see it.

While we're sitting here in the web's own trailer park in the bum end of the universe, is it too much to ask of Google if they could at least hook up the utilities around here? Such as...

Dump in my Twitter feed.

Really, my Twitter says it all these days. Every time I update my strip or any of my blogs, including ones I post in my paid work, or even post a scribble on Devinat Art, it gets tweeted. I need one place where I can point people and say "Everything I do gets reported there." I'm not going to copy all that one at a time. Just an option to add a feed, how hard is this?

Dump in RSS feeds from my other blogs.

Ditto. Google has a ginkas to make blog posts on your Google+ page. Hey, we already have that, it's called "". And the last thing I need in this world is yet another site to post on separately, not to mention one more place to risk working on only to see it fold a year down the line. Perhaps, Google, you remember acquiring that particular "Blogger" domain a few years back? Sure, just think back, it's the orange icon with the lopsided 'B'. If Sergey or Larry jolted suddenly one of these days and yelled "Oh my God! I forgot we own Blogger!" I wouldn't be the least surprised, because it's been that ignored.

Sign into stuff using my Google+ ID (the way you sign in with Facebook / Twitter).

I know this is a question of the old desktop mindshare factor, but is Google making some kind of effort to provide those buttons for things like commenting on other blogs, so you can sign in to comment there? How about marketing? For a multimedia empire, they could, you know, advertise Google+? I swear I could ask ten random people on the street and only one would even know Google+ exists.

Be able to cross-link between Facebook and Google+ (treating it as one social network).

Walled gardens are so 1995 (and / or so Yahoo / Apple). Quit it with the "Facebook? Who're they?" business. Just let us be able to follow and get followed by Facebook users. You can still search on Bing with Google's Chrome browser, hint hint.

Be able to add widgets.

I remember the good old days when we could do that on iGoogle. It made iGoogle pages instantly useful to me, being able to make a page full of handy little aps in one place. At least I had a reason to go back there once in a while. Now I go to Google+, and it's just this infinite white void of nothing, like the limbo-hell in those Progressive Insurance commercials.

Not be lonely there.

Right now, it's basically me and Linus Torvalds and two crickets. Even the crickets have given up chirping.

Having a home on Google+ is just like being homeless

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