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Showing My face In A Few New Places

Date/Time Permalink: 04/14/09 04:26:23 pm
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Where the whiskey drowns, and the beer chases, my blues away...

Oh, hi there. Anyway, I've branched out to a few new sites, the better to spread my tendrils of influence across the web. These will be a supplement to my own site.

In the first place, I've made an account on Yahoo Answers. Can't exactly link to it right now, because Yahoo's doing something there where it's all caddywumpus, but then that's pretty much Yahoo all the time. I figure that a lot of my blog's post archive answers some questions that people ask over and over again, so I might as well pounce on a question there if I can help.

I'm also now an Ezine Articles expert writer, a title not nearly as lofty as it sounds. From time to time I'll be dumping an article over there. The purpose of the site is to provide stock articles for e-zines and other use, and anyone can use them as long as the block at the bottom is included (which you can have link back to your own site, soapbox for your cause, etc.). It's a way to dump out those odd topics I like to natter about which don't fit on a site "about free and open source software and the wonders thereof".

I'm also now a Deviant Artist. Deviant gives you a nice little gallery space to dump images, and that's just what I'll be doing. This is a venue to find a home for all my doodles which don't necessarily fit into a blog subject, as well as a way to resurrect dusty old pieces for a second run. Sometimes an image has a story to tell, so I can post an image and chatter about what went into it, too. I'll be posting lots of experiments and works-in-progress there, as well as proper works, so drop there by every now and then.

Oh, and I've also got a Delicious account. I'll be dropping bookmarks there from time to time, just like you'd expect a Delicious account to be used. In 15 years on the web I've amassed tons of bookmarks to stuff that's interesting, but not even tangentially related to open source or even software, so this is a place to shovel some of that clutter out of the attic.

Now, what else? There's also been some added features to the page for my webcomic Doomed to Obscurity, if you haven't been by to check it lately. It's got an archive now at the bottom (happy now, Rainofgods?), a Meebo chat to act as a shoutbox, and an AddThis button for social bookmarking.

Ah, that's better! Now I'm set up for Spring cleaning... whenever Spring decides to grace us with its presence. Ta ta.

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