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Shhh! I'm quietly putting the 'Ubuntu is not Linux' posts back up...

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Now that the controversy has ebbed, I'm going to try to see if they and the rest of the Universe can co-exist in peace.

Note that the controversy from Tux500 spilled over onto them. The posts were pounced upon by minions who thought they were getting half a million dollars and 27 virgins each, or something, and who thought I alone was stopping their entry into Zion or wherever they thought they were going. So the posts were spammed to the international Internet with comments quoting out of context, intentional mistranslations, and headlines to the effect that I was the enemy of freedom, hated Linux and apple pie and cute baby kittens, probably sodomized choir boys, etc. etc. yada yada. In the course of that flame war, Godwin had to repeal his law just so he could get some peace.

So, now that they can live in Post-Tux500-War peace... (the trolls fled their cave long ago)... I'll give them a second chance.

Ubuntu is not Linux - pass it on!
No, really! Ubuntu is not Linux! Try it on for size!

If you read them (not that they're that mind-blowing), particularly the second one, try to see the pragmatic approach. Ogg see problem. Try solution, no work. Ogg propose new solution.

Try also, to take a good hard look at the current state of Linux. We can pay lip service to spreading Linux, but what are we really doing about it? Can you spread literacy by handing out books everywhere? Or do you have to stay behind with each illiterate person and teach them to read, one person at a time?

The culture shock between Linux and Windows is immense. It takes time to recover from Windows. Stop calling them wrong or right - they're human beings who have been kept in an informational prison and fed nothing but brainwashing for 20 years! They are economic abuse victims. They have been taught to fear mean computers that bite them. They don't know that the computer can be their friend.

Why do so many Linux users accept the fact that Linux is a different world than the alternative and yet live in denial of the huge transition between those two worlds? And what is so terrible about complimenting Ubuntu as an excellent transitional distro? By designating one distro as the "go to" point, we can gently move the people into the free world.

Not with a blitzkrieg war that pushes Linux the way George Bush pushes democracy on the Middle East, not with an advertising scam that tries to sell Linux like a used car, not by forking all of Linux into Windows2 and driving the natives away to BSD with screams of "Elitist Nazi!!!" chasing their backs.

But by working with people.




Any beginner's-level distro will do, but I say Ubuntu because that's where the traffic just naturally flows.

That's really all that's going on, here!

Better to say what you believe to be right and get taxed for it, than be phony just to tell everybody what they want to hear.

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