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Seven Things to do with a Free Vista laptop...

Date/Time Permalink: 12/29/06 07:22:56 am
Category: Humor

Seems many bloggers woke up this morning to find Microsoft has left a laptop in their stocking. There is a minor hullabaloo rippling through Blogistan about it. Amongst others, Joel Spolsky of "Joel on Software" got one. This time, I'm not even linking to the original story; if you haven't heard about it by now, you don't care anyway.

So, blogging boys and girls, what could you do with this little windfall, should you find yourself inexplicably in possession of one?

#1 Return it. Send this foul spawn of Sauron back to the abyss.

#2 Install Linux on it, then return it! Make it a really slick distro, like Mandriva, Knoppix, or Elive. Maybe even this machine would be fast enough for Ubuntu or Fedora? Not just the distro, but stuff it to the max with the finest of Free Software before returning it. Maybe with a note: "I'll review yours if you review mine." Just to be a smart ass.

#3 Install Linux on it, and review that! And don't forget to review the machine itself. AMD doesn't deserve any fallout from Microsoft's bad karma.

#4 Sell it, donate the money to the FSF, EFF, FreeGeek, any Free Software project, Wikipedia, or what have you. Another blogger is already auctioning one off on eBay with proceeds to the EFF. Old idea, new directions.

#5 Donate the machine itself to the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project. There, that's one less machine they'll have to build.*

#6 Sell the machine, then donate the money to the OLPC. For that price, they could build at least ten of the standard units.*

#7 Give it to your friendly neighborhood security hacker, whether the color of their hat be white, black, or gray. As soon as Vista spreads, we're all going to be fighting the Windows security hole cold war again anyway, so why not get a head start on it?

And incidentally, you will of course be thunderstruck to hear that I, your humble servant, have somehow failed to make Santa's list of nice bloggers who deserve a $2000 laptop. Gee, you suppose it's because they're worried that my reception of their gift would be less than cuddly?

UPDATE: Seeing as how we were kicked in the teeth by the backstabbing Negroponte who rode on Linux's coattails to gain goodwill and publicity before selling out to Microsoft, I have switched my opinion of OLPC from tepid support to hostile opposition.

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