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Running Demoscene Executables in DOSBox

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Where in blue, sunny Gehenom has Penguin Pete been???

Answer: Working my stubby little butt off, and in between for recreation time taking a nostalgic trip back to the era of 15 years ago, when sysops were sysops and warez doodz were warez doodz and small, furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were... well, you know.

This time I've been snarfing the archives of The BBS Archive, and if you thought had ANSI art, you've seen nothing 'til you've seen this archive. Along with the usual browsing of ANSI art I've been doing, I have also been playing a few demos in DOSBox. I tried one on a hunch and it *worked*! In fact, almost every one from several groups I've tried has worked!

demoscene 1
Demos from ACID and BAD

demoscene 2
Demos from BAD and ACID

demoscene 3
Demos from ACID and Apocalyptic Visions

If you don't know what the demoscene was, the PC Demoscene FAQ is the place to go.

Here's how I do it: I have the latest DOSBox, and I create a directory called /DOS/ under my home. Best to keep all DOS files in one place on a Linux system. So, download the zip file, and unzip it into wherever under your /DOS/ folder you want it. Then start DOSBox and type:

mount c ~/DOS/




cd .\FOLDER\

To get to whatever folder you put the unzipped files in...

Remember, DOS makes the slashes backwards, and 'ls' doesn't work, you have to say 'dir'! You can simply play any executable by typing '.\' then hitting 'tab' a few times so it cycles through all the possible '.EXE', '.COM' and whatnot.

Keep the following in mind:

You're playing demos coded by warez doodz living in the 80s (actually, the 90s, but they still worshiped heavy metal, so...), who never dreamed that their work would be running on DOSBox on Linux. Wherever possible, keep files together and preserve the naming scheme (yes, even the STUPID.ANS UPPERC~1.DOS FILE-N~1.EXE!) so that programs don't get lost looking for support files. Macho 14-year-old Amiga fans whacking out a demo in a four-hour deadline using only Assembly laugh at the idea of exception handling.

Even for all of that, the demos run astoundingly well! Methinks that DOSBox is becoming a better DOS than the original DOS!

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