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Rebuilding the Directory for TexInfo

Date/Time Permalink: 12/27/06 12:56:29 pm
Category: HOWTOs and Guides

Man, I don't know how common this problem is, but I just noticed today that my new Slackware 11.0 appeared to be missing the entire info system. I searched around and there were all the files all right (in /usr/info!) but not showing up in the directory.

So, for those wondering why info is missing all the files, or how to update texinfo for newly added info files (you'll recognize them by their extension of 'info.gz'):

Be root (su),
cd to the directory where the whole info system is,
and the magic spell (get ready, it's a jawbreaker):

for infofile in $(ls | grep info); do install-info --dir-file=./dir --info-file=$infofile; done

Be prepared for lots of warnings as it hits a lot of duplicate entries - they won't do any harm, however. When 'tis done, you should be able to type 'info' and have the *entire* system accessible.

I'd almost bet it's just that simple to add files from multiple directories, but it seems to have those in my case. I don't know why it has to live in about ten different places, but this install seemed to snag all the directories with one or two in there while neglecting the main directory! Is the texinfo system that ignored these days?

Moral of the story: before I can RTFM I need to know where the F T M is so I can R it!

...sorry, folks, but that's as witty as I get today...

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