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Programmer testifies to writing election-rigging code in Florida

Date/Time Permalink: 08/24/06 09:46:02 pm
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The title of this post links to a video of the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio in 2004. So forgive me if this is old news, but I just found out about it and wonder if it shouldn't have been on CNN...in 2004. It features a programmer saying he wrote prototype code to rig an election in 2000... in Florida.

Mine is not a political blog; in fact, it is aggressively anti-political. Simply because I consider American politics to be a lost cause, Reds, Blues, and Whites and all. But I'm including it here because this involves technology, it involves the deliberate usage of technology to commit a crime, and because it calls to attention an ethical reminder for programmers everywhere.

Programmers everywhere: if anybody ever asks you to write software to commit voter fraud, you DO NOT NEED THE MONEY THAT BAD. Quit your job and blow the whistle. You may have a black mark on your record for a while, but in time, you will work again, for people who will value you for your integrity. The new age of open technology is upon us, and nice companies are starting to finish first.

Personally, I'm never punching a button on an electronic voting machine unless the source code running on it is Open, Free, and GPL'd.

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