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Please Deflate My Stupidest Theories

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Hi, lazyweb! I haven't poked my head out of the ground in a week or something, due to being busy with work, and now that I'm about to get a break, a late-winter flu hits - but a minor one. Since fevers and flu symptoms tend to bring me to the weirdest-possible state of mind anyway, this looks like a good time to share some of the more bizarre theories I've nurtured over the years. These are all half-baked theories which I'm not too serious about and know that they're trash, but haven't found the right sequence of scientific arguments necessary to shoot them down.

I'm not just doing this to confess or be funny. I'm actually inviting readers to comment, sharing links and debating points, in the hopes that some of you will talk me out of them. Think of it as an early spring cleaning of my mental curio cabinet!

Here we go. My crazy side, let me show you it!

I'm convinced that humans will one day become extinct. I'm sorry, I just don't see a clear way forward. Correct me if I'm wrong, but: (1) It seems that by all we understand, no star lives forever. (2) which means we'll have to pack up and move when this solar system goes bye-bye. (3) the closest star is Proxima Centauri, which at our current fastest technology would take at least 17,000 years to reach. (4) the ways to overcome this distance, via either extending the human lifespan or building an Arthur C. Clarke-style generation ship, would require the dedicated cooperation of the entire species for centuries, and (5) we can't stop shooting at each other long enough to do that. So we're doomed.

I think the US of A could say goodbye to fossil fuels forever if we made an entire state, like New Mexico, one giant solar-power and wind-power plant. I've driven across New Mexico, and my God, do they ever have a lot of unused land out there! What would we get if we simply tiled that sucker with solar panels and windmills? Without disturbing major cities?

I think there are a lot of people misdiagnosed with ADHD who actually have anxiety disorder instead. This is based on observing the experience of a dearly close loved one, whom I watched struggle with anxiety disorder for years before she got diagnosed and got treatment. A simple medication cleared it up, and she's literally begun a second life since then. I also notice that she was stuck in one place mentally for all those years, too scared by her personal demons to try anything new; anxiety sufferers frequently become agoraphobes, shut up in their house all day. Learning is a process which necessarily involves being introduced to new things. Am I wrong? It seems really evident that being gripped by unpredictable panic attacks throughout the day would hamper your learning. And you ever try to teach somebody something and they backed away from it in a response not unlike fear?

I think that the planets in our solar system might trace the route of a spiral through the eons. A spiral heading away from the sun. This is something I've thought of after all the recent research being done about Mars, which apparently had water at one time but now doesn't. If we ever discovered evidence of past life on Mars, it may suggest that Mars was once closer to the sun, while Earth was a broiling fireball too close to the sun to sustain life. Mars moved out of the temperate zone and Earth moved in, and then next it's going to be Venus' turn when the Earth moves too far away. And I guess that makes the sun Gaia, continuously giving birth to new planets, like they think they observed recently with Mira. Come on, somebody, talk me out of this nonsense. It's a cool science fiction plot, though.

I think we could raise the value of our currency if we simply raked it into a communal pile and burned half of it. Since inflation is "too much money chasing too few goods". Mind you, everybody gets exactly half of their money back after our big bonfire. Having worked in banking and studied economics, I'm already familiar with first-principles of that field. Now, have I been reading so much Martin Gardner, Douglas Hofstadter, and A. K. Dewdney that they're beginning to play with my mind, or is it a valid idea to think that having half of the money disappear would automatically double the value of the remaining money relative to the goods and services that it is traded for?

There you go, posse! Bring these rogue ideas to justice - dead or alive!

PS, I'll get back to FOSS stuff next time.

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