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Penguin Pete's Work Now Appearing In The Blog At Lyric Interpretations

Date/Time Permalink: 03/05/11 03:36:33 pm
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I get some of you grousing about how I don't post here frequently enough. Well, this isn't the only act on my schedule, you know! When I'm not gushing with geekiness about technology on my home turf, you may now find me at my new gig at, where I'm on blog post rotation with a few other authors.

Just look there for any posts under my familiar old nom-de-plume "Penguin Pete." For example, you can find out all about the fictitious, animated bands from the Archie comics universe, be luridly amused over seven songs about murder, and harumph in dignified harumphing fashion over six inappropriate songs used in commercials, and that's just to name a few recent ones - I've been quite the busy beaver.

And for a tease for an upcoming subject soon to be posted, I'll just say the word... "Coven"! That one, I promise, will definitely be a cozy read.

See, I take the same geeky approach I do here to wonky vintage DOS video games and arcane Linux command lines that would knot Gandalf's beard, and apply it to rock 'n' roll history over at Lyric Interpretations. Remember, I've got a whole bookshelf of music tomes and an attic full of albums to work with, and in many cases when I work on a topic, it's the first time in history that all the facts about that topic have been gathered in one place.

In before somebody else says "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." - a quote definitely not first said by Frank Zappa. In fact, it's a snow-clone that has been handed down for decades.

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