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Paul Miller Has Never Seen A Computer Before

Date/Time Permalink: 12/11/11 10:04:28 am
Category: General

Because he's just now noticed that GUIs are condescending.

Yet he got to the front page of Slashdot, where at least rumor of something called "GNU/Linux" has reached a few ears, but only as far as the Gnome3 / Unity debate, endlessly rehashed already.

Miller, with the guileless naivete of a housefly, posts images of the icon set from the days of Macintosh system-7 or so (the old cube boxes back in the '80s). Apparently, that, to him, is a UI done right. In despair, he sloughs off to Windows7 because he can make it emulate Windows 95, which, again, he likes better. So in the first place, he seems to not so much be irked at "condescension", but all that gaudy eye candy.

He has 436 comments, all of whom join him in his Andy-Rooney-like grousing while not even visiting the vicinity of a clue.

Mr. Miller, and everybody else, let me show you the world's ONLY non-condescending user interface:

command line screen shots

That's it. A command line.

Everything else is wet-nursing and hand-holding.

Is that not what you mean? Then you should not use that word.

This has been your condescending blog host, and I hope I didn't use too many big words...

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