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Open Solaris - Bring it on!

Date/Time Permalink: 01/19/07 12:55:10 am
Category: General

Sun Microsystems, having finally GPLed Java (I'm still a little swoony over it), has been pondering changing Open Solaris' license to the GPL as well - not only that, but the third version.

This Libervis article is one of the more recent to mull over this development; it asks if GNU/Solaris is the free OS of the future? And my only thought is:

Hell, yeah, I hope it gets there! See, unlike proprietary systems, open source systems truly love "competition". Linux, BSD, and GNU have all been working together and enriching each other for years. What presents a roadblock on one system will be cleared on another.

There's also the little matter of... *ahem*... trying another approach to making up for Linux's "short-comings". He said, rolling his eyes. In other words, thank you for joining in, Sun, and would you like an irate screaming pack of disgruntled Microsoft Borgs to go with your order? Let me be the first to say: "If Solaris is serious about winning the desktop war, it needs to be Just Like Windows." And Linux can go on being (or go back to being) yummy Linux. Thank you, Sun, I'm sure your corporate clout and deep pockets will be more adequate resources to give Windows refugees a better home.

But with all this excitement, I've been looking around at the Open Source banquette and noticed that I sound mighty impatient these days. It's tough enough finding a distro with Firefox 2.0 out-of-the-box; when are we going to see distros with GPL'ed Java goodies? And count the Solaris distros - they're scarcer than BSD distros, and that's saying something!

Linux, GNU, and BSD have been a lonely band of three against the tyranny of the software monopoly long enough - we want Sun to join us on the front line! There hasn't been nearly enough Java and Solaris going around to suit me - and I'm going to be pouncing on every crumb of it I find from now on.

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