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Date/Time Permalink: 12/24/07 09:07:43 pm
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It's Christmas Eve, I have to post something...

Season's Greetings to one and all in the Linux community, the technology world, and Internet nation. I've just finished the big paid-work project (mere hours ago), so it will be time again soon to blow the dust off this blog and get back to posting.

So, post something, something... I guess I'll make a Christmas tradition out of posting links to online game sites that I've found enjoyable this year.


Nice little board game where you hit opponent's balls off the board while trying to keep your own on the board. The computer plays against you, and it's surprisingly strategic.

Shredder chess

An actual A.I. chess program that plays right in your browser! It even runs snappy, and they offer downloadables for Win, Mac, AND Linux. It plays alright - I did beat it on the basic level after three games to size it up.

Ownage Burst

Spiffy Flash shoot-em-up. Nothing but good old street-shooting action.


It's a Tetris game using the map of the United States! Put the states into the map, as they drift down from the top. Great for teaching the kids their geography.


An online version of Lemmings, done in DHTML. Impressive feat!

YAST Tetris

A online Tetris game done in SVG and Javascript! I'm thinking that Internet Explorer users won't be able to play it, for some reason.

Mozilla Games

Bet you didn't know Mozilla made games too, did you? These games are in XUL, and play in Firefox (and maybe others?) Some of them may run balky, but it's a sweet proof-of-concept.

Original Tower Defense

You've seen TD games go viral on the web this year. This is the original, and IMNSHO, still the best.

And now for some Christmas posts from the past:
Why do Christmas decorations suck?
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OK, be good to yourselves, and goodnight. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.

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