Q: Why couldn't the little Goth kid sleep? A: He was afraid of the light.

Oh bah! Here's some wallpapers...

Date/Time Permalink: 06/07/07 07:04:09 pm
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Meccan ruins

GNU bar

Triple Axle

Some days just aren't good for a rat's hat of anything except to draw wallpapers. Showing here three of nine new added to 1600x1200.

Ha! I show you, bourgeois world! I shall lock myself in my study and crank up ze Frank Zappa and draw ze wallpapers ALL THE DAY LONG! Just for ze sheer uselessness of eet! Just to throw ze day avay!

Sometimes, it is necessary to turn up one's nose at a day and send it back. Whatever it is that makes days knows, after this, not to get too slack. It keeps the Universe in line.

ASCII cubust sig

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