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NYTimes on How to Handle a Technophobe

Date/Time Permalink: 12/16/07 09:04:56 pm
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This is one of those times I link just to be insufferably smug. Get ready for a barbershop quartet "I told you so!" in four-part harmony.

The link in the title goes to an article which stresses the importance of teaching technology from the inside out - not giving the user a list of instructions or directions to push buttons to make magic things happen.

Just a reminder to all of the misologists out there, that when you try to hide what the computer is doing behind magic buttons, you are doing harm, repeat, harm to the user, not good. It is deleterious to the cause of adapting our society to technology, to flame "geeks" for "making computers hard" when what we are trying to do is teach people what we know, so that we will all be equal.

Of course, the people who need to read this the most - won't. They will continue to rip the machine out of our hands and scream, "What is this compiler and command line $!#%? You don't need that, you're going to confuse the user! Linux will never make it on the desktop because of you!"


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