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Date/Time Permalink: 07/24/06 10:17:26 pm
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Aw, I know, I haven't been posting. I'm such a bad blogger, I just might have the missus give me 20 strokes and then put myself to bed without any gruel. But work (what I do for money, as opposed to website, which I do for fun), has kept me busier than a one-ovaried surrogate mother (ouch!). But I know 25 new wallpapers will make it up to you.

As always creative commons license, take 'em, use 'em, sell 'em, credit me with a link pretty please, blah blah. Fair use and all that. With one exception: if you get any of my images tattooed onto your body, you're required to send me a picture of it. No, really, I have to be firm on that rule.

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