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New Wallpaper Gallery Section - iPhone Wallpapers

Date/Time Permalink: 07/06/07 04:53:25 pm
Category: Site News

iPhone wallpaper thumbnail

iPhone wallpaper thumbnail

iPhone wallpaper thumbnail

iPhone wallpaper thumbnail

OK, I guess I can't avoid jumping all over the iPhone bandwagon. So I have selected the few wallpapers from my gallery that will work, and cropped them to 320x480 size, the size that fits Apple's iPhone.

So the wallpaper gallery has a new iPhone section.

I'll whip up some more designs later custom for that format. It's just my little way of saying "Eh, there isn't any GNU-Phone on the horizon and Apple has been semi-chummy with open source, so I might as well."

Anybody out there who reads a site like this have an iPhone? If so, I'm curious to hear how these display on it, and anything else an iPhone user would have to share.

For instance, as I understand it, any website that displays well in Safari should have no trouble with the iPhone. Which I gather means that using Konqueror on the Linux desktop to test compatibility will work, since they both use KHTML and kjs. That's the theory, but what about the actual implementations? Is it working like that?

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