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New Poker Game in the Flash Gallery

Date/Time Permalink: 03/21/09 09:57:44 am
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After a few false starts on this, my most ambitious Blogsquares Flash item yet, it's time to turn it loose. So, look for a video poker game down there in the sidebar on this blog.

PPPoker screenshot

It's a simulation of the video poker variation known commonly as "Jacks or Better". I followed the example in Wikipedia for the pay table, so it should have the same theoretical return of 99.54%.

Of course, in typical rounds of play, it will usually gobble your 100 credits within 30 plays or so, with a few hits of pairs and three of a kind in the mix. Having lived in Vegas and having experienced the average video poker machine on the average casino front on Freemont Street, I am reasonably sure that it plays like the same thing. When the credits reach zero, the only way to reset it is to refresh the page!

GPL licensed, source package here. Run free, my little toy!

Oh, and a related project is my Flash card-shuffling demo.

As always with gambling games, I must state that this is an entertainment device only.

And my conscience won't let me post a gambling simulator without pointing out that gambling for real money in real life is, point blank, a stupid thing to do, and should only be approached after a thorough mastery of probability mathematics has been undertaken and then only in the spirit of research. Casinos do not make money when you lose; they make money when you win, and they do that by not paying you the winnings you're entitled to for beating the odds you just beat.

That's enough being Mr. Heavy. Have fun, and report glitches and bugs in the comments!

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